Weird Movie Plots We’re Shocked Got Made

| February 6, 2014 10:00 am

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Who doesn’t like snuggling up and watching a good movie? As long as you’ve got popcorn in hand, your favorite sugary candy of choice and a good tap – nothing can possibly incorrect. But, sometimes that good tap is, well… not the most “normal.” What are we talking about? Those ultra weird, super bizarre and uncomfortably crazy plots that somehow squeeze right on by and get made. Does Teeth ring a bell? It’s that horrifying comedy, where the leading lady has teeth directly inside of her… heh, crotch region. Oh, and then there’s Junior starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, where he plays a man who becomes pregnant! Fancy that. You may not have realized, but there are many more kooky movies that have made their way into the public sphere. Fortunately for you, we’ve collected a line-up. So go grab some Twizzlers, sweet popcorn and a front row seat – then check out our Gallery Of The Weirdest Movies That Have Ever Been Made.

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