Superman’s Super Financial Feats Through the Ages (INFOGRAPHIC)

When high school buddies Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster handed off their fleeting character to DC Comics for approximately $ 100,000 in 1938, small did they know their alien would leap in a release bound to become America’s most beloved action hero.

Kal-El, Clark Kent, the original Huge Blue Boy Scout, call him whatever, Superman is celebrating 75 years of saving the world from all conceivable threats, liberals or conservatives, earthbound or otherwise. The latest Superman movie, “Man of Steel,” will be released on June 14.

In honour of the Krypton local, let’s look back at some of the franchise’s super feats in movies and comics; heck, we’ll even toss in some trivia, too. Like what does Mario Puzo, author of “The Godfather,” have to do with Superman? Did you know Lois Lane was once torn between two men? And the fleeting man in tights once ditched the greasy hair and just chose to grow his locks, shoulder-length?

More fun and cash facts about Superman can be gleaned below in the infographic. Superman is proving once more that people will forgive your blue-red fashion colour coordination when you have a excellent heart, huge enough to save us all.

Superman: From the Golden Age of Comics to Today

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