Sofia, Emma-Celebs Prove The Summer Leather Look Is Back!

70702 FotoFlexer Photo  Sofia, Emma-Celebs Prove The Summer Leather Look Is Back!

From left: Emma Stone, Fendi Spring 2014, Sofia Vergara

The Restore

It’s for real folks, warm-ride out leather ( real or pvc) is back with a vengeance. The most style savvy celebs and airstrip shows for spring’s fashion season are just a tip off that this trend hasn’t gone far since last August (when summer leather simply became leather, period).

Tempting Texture

Recently we’ve seen the gorgeous Emma Stone promoting her new Spiderman movie in inky black luxe PVC dress, while the always sensual Sofia Vergara wore this cutout, leather panel dress to an event. In both cases, as well as on airstrip looks from designers like Fendi, we are proven yet again that leather can work (very well might we add) for the radiator months.

Transition In

Okay, while it’s not technically summer yet, we like the push the boundaries and get ahead on our trends. To work magic in a black leather look and still suit a summer style right up in anticipation of the end of August, choose pieces that show detail, have some lightness, and reveal a hint of skin. Soft, malleable leather or PVC is preferred over heavy pieces, so think leather pencil skirts and minis, or go with accents if your climate just makes warm ride out leather sound unbearable.


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