Prada’s Appearance On The Price Is Right

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Illustrious design household Prada recently made an appearance on the standard game show, The Fee Is Right. During an episode that aired this week, a group of 4 pairs of Prada shoes appeared on The Fee Is Right stage for contestants to bid on. Of the stylish Prada shoes were a pair of men’s loafers and oxford style shoes, as well as two “dressy pairs of platform pumps for her.” The selection of high-fashion winnings seemed to not only confuse, but stump the game show contestants.

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Prada Instagram 2

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Among the multiple bids positioned by the contestants on The Fee Is Right for the Prada shoes were, $ 800, $ 950, and $ 1,250 estimates, but the closest guess came in at $ 2,300. While the 4 pairs of shoes had a combined retail value of $ 3,045, we’ll keep dreaming that we can one day get our polished paws on the Prada shoes for the initial bids. While The Fee Is Right has never had fashionable fare as illustrious as Italian brand Prada, we will keep our eyes peeled for more fashionable finds open by funnyman Drew Carey.

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