‘Man of Steel’ Sequel Already in the Works


“Man of Steel” hasn’t even opened in U.S. theaters yet, but its sequel is already in the works. Director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer will be returning for the further adventures of Supes, and it seems that Henry Cavill is more than pleased to keep wearing those blue tights.

Cavill told the Huffington Post, “How Hollywood works with these kind of things is that when you are doing a screen test, you will sign a contract saying, ‘OK, yes, I’ll do the movie if you guys want me… And, in that, it’s standard procedure to do two options beyond the movie.”

This would be a marvel come right for nearly any actor, but especially one who was persuaded he would lose out on the Superman role once again (Cavill was formerly picked to play the Man of Steel in an earlier Superman incarnation that never got off the ground).

It seems like a no-brainer to give the greenlight to a sequel, given the word of mouth around “Man of Steel” and the reviews that have just started popping up around the Internet. The embargo broke last night, and “Man of Steel” is already at 71 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Since Marvel has already mapped out the next few years of its blockbuster plans, DC is keen to catch up. It also doesn’t hurt that Warner Bros. wrangled $ 160 million in product placement for “Man of Steel,” slapping Superman’s face on everything from Gillette (how does he shave that manly gap?) to the Army.

We’re wondering if the Justice League will be caught up in the sequel, or if that will be coming down the pipeline later. Also up in the air is whether or not Christopher Nolan will be as caught up this time around. Between his plotted projects, like “Interstellar,” and the rumors about what Nolan might take on next, his dance card looks pretty full.

[via Deadline]

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