Liverpool boss eyes Premier League challenge

Liverpool boss eyes Premier League challenge

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Liverpool administrator Brendan Rodgers is confident that his team can challenge for Premier League greatness next year. A miserable 2012-2013 campaign for the Reds has hurt confidence in the camp for Rodgers’ side.

With talk of Luis Suarez also leaving the club for pastures new this summer, Liverpool fans must be wondering if there is anything to look forward for the coming season ahead.

“I’m not here to be comfortable, to sit and earn the money and just delight in being Liverpool administrator,” he is quoted in the Day after day Mirror.

“There’s a pressure that comes with it and I believe we’re in a much better place to challenge now. I think we can do it. I believe we have built a real good base this year. 

“Of course, it will be a tough question because, as we improve, other clubs will have masses more money to do so as well. But it’s not my job to look for excuses, I have to find the solutions to try to push us in there and I believe we won’t be too far away.”

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