Kate Moss To Get Her Own Movie

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Kate Moss is arguably one of the most photographed models of all time, and her flawless face has played muse to some of the most illustrious designers in the world. As well, Kate Moss has graced more magazine covers than we can count, and has starred in countless coveted campaigns. The stunning supermodel is now set to get her own TV documentary marking her 40th birthday.

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The British model and muse will be getting her own TV spectacular four days before her milestone birthday on January 16th. The Kate Moss documentary called “Looking for Kate” will be aired on French Television Channel Paris Première. The show will feature exclusive interviews with many of fashions well-known faces that have worked with Kate Moss throughout her illustrious 25-year career.

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According to Rage France, the “Looking for Kate” documentary will “delve into some of the darker aspects of the woman whose face is known all over the world.” As well, among the well-known fashion faces set to take part in the milestone movie are, photographer David Ross who took Kate Moss’s first test shots, and designer Isabel Marant. While it’s unknown if Kate Moss has any involvement in this fashion film, Real Style is looking forward to considering original and uncovered angles of model muse Kate Moss.

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