Justin Bieber & Pal — Double-Team Topless Stripper … Ain’t No Fun, If the Homies Can’t Have None


0201-bieber-lil-za-nycSay this for Justin Bieber … at least he shares … even when it comes to strippers’ boobs — as seen in this photo of Justin and his pal Khalil Sharieff sucking on one breast each during a recent have fun.

According to sources with direct information … the stripper, who came fully-loaded with giant fake breasts and a classy rainbow-colored Playboy tattoo, was hired to “perform” for Justin and his pals during a have fun at an L.A. recording studio.

During the merriment, Justin and Khalil decided to get a taste of the action … at the same time … with Justin taking a like-bite out of the right mammary for good measure.

Sources at the have fun say the stripper looked old enough to be Justin’s mother … maybe that clarifies the urge to breast-feed.


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