Jonathan Cheban Threatened on Airplane, Passenger Detained at LAX

So this apparently happened today:

Jonathan Cheban – the best friend of Kim Kardashian – was fleeting from New York to Los Angeles when a woman Tweeted a threat at the reality star.

“Jonathan Cheban is on my flight, should I cut him with my stick?” she wrote, adding: “I gotta pretty intense pocket knife with mehhh.”

Kim Kardashian Best Friend

Somehow, the authorities were alerted to these messages and detained the unidentified passenger once the flight landed at LAX.

It has to be the first time in history that a Tweet led to a possible arrest, at least a Tweet about wounding Jonathan Cheban.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians regular did Tweet “Police?” in response to the initial messages, but says that was the boundary of his involvement in the weird case.

In the end, the woman was searched and released when no stick was found. She then tried to make it up to Cheban with: “It was a terrible joke … you look really hot babe.”

So now we know she’s crazy.


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