Jenner Goes Ballistic On Paparazzi — Leave My Family the F*** Alone! [VIDEO]


Bruce Jenner
‘s oldest son Burt Jenner went nuclear on the paparazzi Thursday … berating them for screwing with his well-known family.  Problem is … most of the photogs didn’t know Burt from Adam.

Burt owns a dog sitting business — West L.A. Dogs.  The paparazzi swarmed Burt’s parking lot after getting wind of a big celeb who was inside a building across the road. 

The non-well-known Jenner was offended, ordering the photogs — not ours — to skedaddle.  Their response — Who the hell are you?

That’s all Burt looked-for to hear.  He had his employees get in their car and block the photogs from leaving.

Everyone screamed and had a terrible time and the video is awesome!


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