Famed Helicopter Pilot Bob Tur to Become a Woman


Bob Tur
— a legendary news helicopter pilot who captured the Reginald Denny beating that triggered the L.A. Riots, the O.J. Simpson slow-speed chase and countless of other seminal news events — is in the midst of a transgender procedure that will make him a woman.

Tur was on TMZ Live Wednesday … and clarified he always felt he was a woman trapped in a man’s body.  He’s currently in the early stages of the procedure, has been receiving hormone injections and says he’s already “thinking like a woman.”  When the procedure is done, he says Bob Tur will be “dead” and he will become Zoe.

Tur — whose daughter Katy is a star reporter on “NBC Nightly News” — did say something troubling.  He says he doesn’t believe women can make the same quick, earnest decisions like men when piloting an aircraft. 

Now that’s a scary proposition.


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