Dwyane Wade — Dinner with LeBron Is Risky (Video)


Screw the fake wallet reach, if you have dinner with Dwyane Wade you better be ready to pay — ’produce when the check comes, the NBA star says it’s GAMBLIN’ TIME!!! 

D-Wade hit the well-known Santa Monica Stairs for a workout with Miami Heat teammates Mario Chalmers, Udonis Haslem and coach Erik Spoelstra … when we brought up dinner with his BFF LeBron James

That’s when Wade gave out some FREE FINANCIAL ADVICE — when you’re out to dinner with rich people, don’t split the bill … play the credit card game!!!  

Here are the rules:

1) Everyone puts their credit card into a hat 
2) The server pulls one out
3) That person pays the ENTIRE bill

Excellent luck …  

BONUS — since Wade’s son, Zaire, has been KILLIN’ IT  in the youth basketball world, we questioned if there was a chance we’ll ever see them match up in the NBA. Check out DW’s answer … amusing stuff. 

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