Caitlyn Jenner — Criminal Charges NOT Likely


a3114 0820 bruce jenner infphoto 3  Caitlyn Jenner — Criminal Charges NOT LikelyThe L.A. County D.A. now has the Caitlyn Jenner case, and sources connected to the office tell TMZ the initial sentiment is that the collision was a tragic accident but not criminal. 

Our sources say the attorneys in the Foremost Crimes unit which reviewed the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. 161-page report plotting it was relevant Jenner braked several seconds before impact in an attempt to avoid hitting a Lexus on PCH in February  … a collision that killed the Lexus driver.  

The D.A. could file misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charges because Jenner violated the speed law by not slowing down quickly enough. But the D.A. doesn’t automatically file criminal charges because a driver was inattentive. It usually has to be more than simple negligence to trigger a prosecution. 

It’s fascinating … the D.A. did not charge an L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy who was typing on his patrol car computer last year and drifted into a bike lane killing a man, so it seems unlikely they’d file against Jenner, who was not on the buzz or texting.

We’re told the D.A. should make a choice within a week.


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